Lynch Celebrates 40 Years in Business

This year, Lynch is celebrating 40 Years in business. Started in 1980 by Liam Lynch with just one excavator, Lynch has evolved into a nationally recognised company in the Construction Industry. We’re proud to say that our progress has been achieved thanks to the dedication, passion and hard-work of many individuals over the years.

As we enter 2020, we would like to show our appreciation to everyone that has been a part of our journey. We invite you to join us on this journey by tuning into our social media accounts for an exciting and memorable year!

Lynch Haulage Greatly Reduce A14 Emissions With Euro 6 Tippers

Lynch Haulage has been engaged on all sections of the A14 since early 2017. During these past three years Lynch has had on average 10 lorries per day working around the clock and combined they have completed over 7,300 shifts meaning Lynch’s skilled drivers have clocked up over 73,150 hours of driving on the project.

To meet the initial demands of the job Lynch ensured over 30 drivers were inducted on the project, all with Safety Critical Medicals (CBH). Also ‘auto tail gates’ were retrofitted to a number of our vehicles as this was a feature not used on our fleet previously. Going forward Lynch now have ‘auto tail gates’ fitted to the entire fleet.

By utilising the latest ‘euro 6’ vehicles Lynch has helped to reduce the carbon footprint of the job dramatically. (Did you know a euro 6 vehicle emits in 8 hours the same emissions as a euro 5 lorry does in 8 minutes?) Plus to further reduce the carbon footprint on the job, Lynch also ensured the lorries could be parked on site. Therefore over the course of the project with 73,150 of hours worked, the benefit in reduced emissions for the project as a whole is enormous. So with over 7,300 shifts completed by Lynch’s FORS Gold compliant fleet of Tippers and Grabs and with ZERO incidents, there has been, quite rightly, great praise all around for the drivers.

Lynch Soil Analysis Test Helps Customer Save Time and Money

Lynch were recently contacted by a small residential builder working on a site where they were facing escalating costs due to the client informing them late into the project that the soil had been classified as contaminated.

We first requested all of the data that had been taken on site and analysed this in house, it was quickly discovered that the testing was only taken within the top half a meter of the site, meaning that the underlying naturally occurring soils had not been tested. The client was rightly concerned by this and being out of his depth wasn’t sure how to deal with the issues they were facing.

The next step was for Lynch to visit the site where we were able to identify the contaminated areas and then develop a segregation plan to separate the known contaminated soil from the other muckaway that had not been tested. We then carried out our soil analysis test which showed the material to be Inert.

Once all the results of the testing were available and we had worked with receiving facilities on the subsequent acceptance, we utilised our substantial range of grabs and tippers to remove 123 loads from the site.

The correct classification of the soils saved the company £690 per load, and over £70000 on the project in total.

Haulage celebrates HS2 one-year anniversary

July marks one year since Lynch commenced haulage on the HS2 project at Euston and to celebrate this anniversary our haulage team have managed to compile some key facts as shown below from the project to date.

If we say so ourselves this is a brilliant result from everybody connected to the HS2 project.

The constrictions of removing such vast amounts of muck away from the middle of London and recycling the majority of it is no mean feat and we must recognise the great contribution our wonderful drivers have played in this achievement. Just another example of team Lynch ‘Meeting Hire Demands’.

If you would like more details about our excellent 24hr haulage and muck away service then please call Elayne or Craig on 020 8900 9992.

Residential Muck Away

After removing over 200 loads from the first phase of this site in South West London late last year via excavator loading, we have now returned to remove the next phase of Inert Soil via the “Gecko Truck Loader”, which is lifted into the basement via the on site tower crane and loaded by excavator, 3 loads of the Gecko and the tipper is filled and on its way.

A14 Improvement scheme

Lynch Haulage, is working alongside Costain Skanska on the A14 Improvement scheme is an upgrade of the A14 between Ellington and Milton. We are providing inducted Drivers and 8 Wheel Tippers on a daily basis. The Lorries have assisted moving material around the various sites and compounds on this very important Highways Infrastructure project.
All of the lorries used on Site have Automatic Tailgates meaning the drivers do not need to get out of the Cab to tip the load, an important safety feature when working on live carriageways.