Lynch Haulage Greatly Reduce A14 Emissions With Euro 6 Tippers

Lynch Haulage has been engaged on all sections of the A14 since early 2017. During these past three years Lynch has had on average 10 lorries per day working around the clock and combined they have completed over 7,300 shifts meaning Lynch’s skilled drivers have clocked up over 73,150 hours of driving on the project.

To meet the initial demands of the job Lynch ensured over 30 drivers were inducted on the project, all with Safety Critical Medicals (CBH). Also ‘auto tail gates’ were retrofitted to a number of our vehicles as this was a feature not used on our fleet previously. Going forward Lynch now have ‘auto tail gates’ fitted to the entire fleet.

By utilising the latest ‘euro 6’ vehicles Lynch has helped to reduce the carbon footprint of the job dramatically. (Did you know a euro 6 vehicle emits in 8 hours the same emissions as a euro 5 lorry does in 8 minutes?) Plus to further reduce the carbon footprint on the job, Lynch also ensured the lorries could be parked on site. Therefore over the course of the project with 73,150 of hours worked, the benefit in reduced emissions for the project as a whole is enormous. So with over 7,300 shifts completed by Lynch’s FORS Gold compliant fleet of Tippers and Grabs and with ZERO incidents, there has been, quite rightly, great praise all around for the drivers.