HS2 Contaminated Soil Removed in Hours

At 8.30am on Wednesday 21st August, Lynch Haulage received a very urgent request to remove four loads of heavily contaminated soil. The client required the material removing that same day in order to achieve a contractual requirement for the demolition of a building to make way for a tunnel shaft.

Incredibly by 2pm Lynch had the lorries on site and the material removed.

In order to achieve this within such a limited timescale Lynch first had to pay due diligence to the process by:

  • Assessing the available chemical analysis and then working with various treatment, facilities to arrive at the most environmentally friendly option, as well as the most cost effective.
  • Visiting the site as early as possible to ensure the material was physically suitable and to ensure safe access for the lorries.
  • Liaising with environmental managers on behalf of the client and the project to ensure full compliance.

On investigation the material was identified as soil with a heavy metal and hydrocarbon contamination alongside visible asbestos. However the best news was that the material could be treated and did not need to be taken to landfill. All consignment notes and permitting confirmation were also provided.

Lynch has since attended the site again to assess the remaining material, taking further samples to ensure the correct action is taken with the on-site material as well as a potential to further reduce the cost of removal.